4 Things You Need To Know About Car Insurance

Car insurance is on the mind of every motorist. How much does it cost? Can you get it cheaper? The reality is a lot of people don’t know the true ins and outs of car insurance. The good news is; you don’t have to. This guide should tell you the most important things you need to know about car insurance.


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How Premiums Work

Premiums are based on a number of factors, primarily age. If you’re a young driver with your first car, you’re going to see higher premiums. Why is this? These premiums are supported by data that suggests young drivers are more likely to see accidents.

As a problem demographic, their premiums are increased to maintain the integrity of the company and prevent massive payouts when relatively little has been paid in.

Premiums are also based on your personal car history. Accidents will dictate this. Some insurance companies will only count the accidents where you are at fault, but others may take into account accidents where you are not.

To keep your premiums down, just be a safe driver. You may have to pay more while you’re young, but as you grow into an experienced and older driver you’ll find the benefits of lower premiums coming your way.

How To Claim

In theory, if you’re in a crash you should be able to claim on the car insurance of the guilty party. Some insurers can be slippery though, and if the stipulations of the insurance do not match up to the circumstances of the crash they may try to get away without paying.

A good way to ensure the company pays is with an injury claim. An injury claim adds legitimacy to the proceedings as it can then escalate further. You do need to be well represented though. You need a law firm that specialises in personal injury like UK Claim Lawyers, visit the website for details.

Getting A Better Deal

Don’t think you’re stuck with just one provider all your motoring life, because you’re not. If you’re unhappy with your premiums you are free to look elsewhere. Doing insurance shopping, every couple of years is a good way to keep those premiums down.

The insurance market is very competitive, and insurance companies will do everything they can to build their clientele. You may not get an amazing deal on your first adventure into the insurance world, but after a couple of years you may be able to slice your premiums in half by switching.

Always keep an eye out for a better deal.

Covering More Than One Driver

If you’ve got a partner or child who drives, you can get them onto your insurance plan provided the insurer has that capability. It might be worth switching if they don’t. As a feature, this can be incredibly handy when managing the amount of insurance paperwork you have to go through.

The four things you really needed to know about car insurance. Watch out though, there’s more to insurance that just these things. Read your policy carefully, and know what you’re signed up for.