6 Good Reasons to Pre-Book the Airport Parking

Holiday planning starts with booking the flights, finding the pocket friendly accommodation, charting down the itinerary, and finally listing down the things to be shopped. Booking for the airport parking doesn’t come in the discussion at all. However, if you are travelling in United Kingdom then booking of the airport parking also plays a major role.


The airport parking charges are quite high on UK airports and one would be required to pay this even when the parking is done for very short time. Pre-booking is also chargeable but has many benefits compared to on-the-spot bookings.

  1. Saves good amount of money & time!

This is fairly a big reason to pre-book your airport parking slot online. It saves almost 60% on the total parking charges. Bookings can be done well before your flight date or even few hours before the flight, but the rates would always be lower compared to what you pay on direct parking. Even if it amounts to little saving, it is worth as there are many other benefits that you enjoy while saving few bucks for your pocket.

Time is money, and here you will save both! You receive a fixed parking slot when you pre-book your airport parking. The slots are defined on the basis of duration and package selected. You won’t be wandering from one to another in search of the right place. It is better to have the slot pre-booked to avoid wasting time as the flight won’t wait!

  1. Assistance from parking to terminal

This will definitely convince you to pre-book the airport parking slot next time you are travelling! The online booking will have packages where the rates would be worked out according to the distance of the parking slot from the terminal. Whatever may be the distance, the shuttle service by coach would be included in the package. The shuttle service is quite frequent with coach running every 5, 10, or 15 minutes. The transfer time is also mentioned in the package and may range from 1 minute to 15 minutes. Once you book the slot based on the above details, there is no reason to worry anymore. You will be provided with end to end assistance from the parking to terminal.

  1. Packages to suit all pockets

Budget constraints may not pose any problem here. The packages offered are suitable to every pocket. You can bring down the budget by selecting farther parking slot, while those having time constraints without budget restrictions can opt for the premium packages. Check out with different online booking providers for wider package selection. You can also check with JetParks Airport Car Park, a trusted name in airport parking bookings. They provide convenient parking facility for a price that suits your budget.

  1. Safety and security

Whether you are concerned about the safety and security of the self or the car, pre-booking the parking will take care of all. The cars are safe when you park in the given slots. These slots are physically secured with fencing. There is 24 hours surveillance present to ensure the total safety of the car. You can access your car conveniently in late night hours due to enough illumination in the area. The security checking would also be there for all vehicles to make sure only the right traffic is being allowed. Most of these slots are equipped with automatic number plate readers for added security and saving of time.

  1. Deals that matter

There are many deals being floated on pre-booking of the parking slot. The special reward program for frequent parkers, combo offers if you have also booked the airport hotel, and early bird offers are being floated from time to time. All these deals will be available only when you make the bookings online and before time. There are some last hour booking deals for those who may have missed all other offers. Take the advantage of these deals to save money every time you travel.

  1. Cancellation protection

Depending on the package selected, you may get cancellation protection insurance covered in the package cost. This cover would remove all your doubts about early bookings of airport parking. Not everything you book for the holidays would be covered, however you can rest assured about the booking that is protected by the insurance. This will allow you to make cancellations and alterations in booking without worrying about your money. Most of these insurances will fetch you 100% refund in case on cancellations made up to 24 hours before the selected time slot.

Pre-booking of airport parking is equally beneficial for leisure and official travel. You can take your car to the airport comfortably when the parking slot is waiting for you. Most importantly, you get all the benefits at lower cost compared to the actual charges levied in case of on-the-spot bookings.