6 Ways To Save Money At Home This Summer

Expenses at home tend to be at their highest in winter. This is because we need to use more energy to make our homes warmer and lighter during the cold and dark months. Our bills start to decrease as the temperature outside increases. However, that doesn’t mean that opportunities to save money around the home become rare in summer. No matter what time of year it is, there are always ways to reduce costs. You know me, I love to save money come rain or shine. So, here are some ways I will be saving money at home this summer.

  1. Use the washing line

The sun is not only good for topping up your tan and vitamin D levels; it is also an entirely free and environmentally friendly way to dry your laundry. So unplug your tumble dryer for the summer, give the washing line a good clean and start air drying your clothes as soon as the sun comes out.


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  1. Eat cold and raw

Hot food and hot weather do not go well together. Salads and other cold and fresh meals are much more refreshing and appetising when it’s hot outside. Eating cold and raw meals more often means less use of the oven, microwave or hob. Oh, and it’s a really healthy way to eat! I shall be stocking my fridge full of fresh ingredients for plenty of cold and delicious summer meals.


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  1. Switch to energy efficient bulbs

With lots of garden parties and barbecues on the horizon, we need to remember to replace any outdoor bulbs that are spent. A good investment to make are LED lights. They may be more expensive than standard bulbs. However, they last longer and are more energy efficient so they’ll save you money in the long run.

  1. Get outside

It just seems wrong to spend time watching TV or playing video games when the sun is shining outside. We can cut costs on electricity bills by spending more time outdoors than indoors in summer. Sunbathing in the garden, going for a bike ride or walking to the park are all healthy enjoyable and free summer activities.


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  1. Grow your own

Summer is the best time to grow tomatoes, peppers, sweetcorn, squash and many other vegetables and fruits. By creating a vegetable and fruit patch in our garden, you’ll not only take up a new and exciting hobby, but you will also cut down on supermarket bills.


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  1. Embrace the natural light

The sunlight is a free and natural way to light and heat your home. So keep your blinds and curtains drawn as much as possible during the day to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting and heating.

Thanks to the longer days and the warmer weather it’s actually relatively easy to save money around the house in summer. These have been the six ways that I intend to cut costs. If you have an extra thrifty summertime tips, do let me know.

I wish you a fantastic and frugal summer!