7 Stupendous Preparation Tips for Your Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time, but nobody likes the actual process of the move. And for good reason, quite frankly, it can be a nightmare. The good news is that with these tips you can make it much less of a headache.

  1. Sort Out Legal Fees

One of the things a lot of people fail to account for is the legal fees. Moving house is expensive, and not just for the costs of actually securing the place. You’re also going to have plenty of property legal fees that need to be covered. These charges will include things like insurance costs and conveyancing fees. So make sure you account for these in your housing budget.


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  1. Get a Report Done

It’s going to be important that you get a report done, not just for your existing home, but for the new one too. You need to get the professionals in to come up with a survey, so you get a read on the quality of the property. This will make you aware of any work that might need doing, or any issues that may present.

  1. Make Sure The House is Spotless

You need to make sure the home is clean and tidy when you move out. It should almost feel like a new home. This will mean getting it deep cleaned when you’ve cleared all the stuff out. But if you try to clean as you go too you’ll find the whole process much easier.

  1. Sort Out When You’re Moving

Next up, it’s going to be important to consider when you want to carry out the physical process of actually moving. If possible, you should try to go for weekdays. These are much less busy and chaotic than weekends or holidays. And you’ll find it costs much less to hire a removal van for a weekday than for weekends.

  1. Come Up With a Packing System

One of the biggest pains when it comes to moving home is the packing. This is the one area that everybody dreads, but there’s no way around it. Packing is an essential part of moving, so you’re going to have to grin and bear it. If you come up with an organised system for the packing, it will make it much simpler.

  1. Hire a Van

You could always attempt the move yourself, but unless you have a van you’re going to be doing a lot of back and forth. Instead, you need to bring the experts on board and hire a removal van. This way you ensure that everything’s going to fit. And you don’t need to worry about driving your things all the way there.

  1. Have A Cull

Whenever we settle somewhere, we always seem to accrue more and more clutter. Treat moving as the perfect opportunity to have a cull of all your stuff. Go through it and pick out anything you don’t need or rarely use. You can either sell it, get rid of it or give it away to charity or something.

You must remember that moving house is never easy. In fact, for many people it’s the most stressful thing they’ll ever do. If you want to make your move less stressful, you need to plan and prepare for it. And these seven tips will cover everything you need to know to budget and prepare for a hassle-free moving day.