A Useful List Of The Best Money Saving Tips You’ll Ever Find


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Everyone wants to find ways in which they can save some money. It’s just a standard way of life. Thanks to inflation and taxes, everything keeps getting more and more expensive. It can be a real pain, especially if you don’t have that much money. It’s for this reason that I’ve decided to compile a list of my favourite money-saving tips, to share with you guys.

Price Comparison Sites

Use price comparison websites before you do any form of shopping. These sites let you search for what you’re buying, and they’ll find the cheapest price. It’s a handy tool to save you a little bit of money here and there. Some sites even let you input your shopping list and find which supermarket is best for you to go to. Sure, it can take more time out of your day doing this, but it’s worth it as you could save lots of money.

Cashback Sites

There are sites online that let you purchase goods through them, and then get cash back. A popular site is Quidco, all you do is sign up, then when you want to buy something online, do it through the site. You can earn money back from every purchase, and over time this money can add up. Some people have got thousands of pounds back by purchasing things through Quidco, or other similar sites.

Create Budgets

Set yourself budgets for everything you do. If you’re going food shopping, set a budget, if you’re going clothes shopping, set a budget. No matter what you’re doing, if it involves spending money then create a budget for it. Budgets are a brilliant way for you to manage your finances and save money. Hell, setting a budget can even improve your chances of winning the lottery, according to a recent Lottoland study. So there’s no excuse not to start making budgets for all areas of your financial life.


Always check online for vouchers before you buy anything. There’s a high chance you could find a code that grants you a certain percent off your purchase. A lot of restaurants have vouchers on their websites that you can print off and bring with you when you eat there. It’s a simple way for you to save money; it just depends on whether or not there’s a voucher for what you want.

Delivery Costs

A sure fire way to turn something from ‘affordable’ to ‘out of your price range’ is the delivery cost. When you buy something online, some sites will charge you a fee for delivery. Luckily, there are lots of UK sites that offer free delivery on items. The only problem is, it could take longer for your delivery to arrive if it’s using their free service. Of course, this depends on the site, some are nice and do free next day delivery. My advice would always be to look for a site that has free delivery, even if it means waiting a bit longer for your item.

These are my five favourite tips to help you save money. I hope you’ve taken great care reading them, now go off and use them wisely!