Buying A New Property? How To Avoid Wasting Your Hard-Earned Cash

If you’re in the market for a new home, you need to take care. Some people are so eager to get on the property ladder that they are willing to pay anything at all. You don’t want to waste your money, and you don’t want to stick yourself with a massive mortgage either. So, what can you do? Let’s take a look at some of my hints to help you save your hard-earned cash.

Get a home search app

Of course, the best way to get a great house without it costing the earth is to have loads from which to choose. We live in a modern world and, as such, we should look for homes in a modern way. There are now loads of home search apps that will help you find your dream house. You should download a couple of them for your smartphone. That way, you can browse new properties on your phone at any time. You can even set the price limit so that you only see houses within your budget.

Have a surveyor check it out

Once you’ve seen a house that you like, you need to check whether it is worth the money or not. You can contact a legit surveyor in your region online. For example, if you were in Scotland, you might visit Once you have contacted an expert, you should see when they can visit the property. They will tell you how much the house is worth and whether you should buy it at all. Listen to everything the surveyor has to say. That way, you will know that you’re making the best decision for you.

Haggle, haggle, haggle!

It might not be in your nature to haggle, but you should try it. If the house you see is too expensive for you, ask the estate agent to offer you a deal. Sure, you might feel a little cheeky when you ask, but you might just get a cheap deal on the house you want. Surely, that reward is worth a little social embarrassment, right? Look at some haggling techniques online and practice before you try it.

Avoid paying extra fees

When it comes to buying houses, there always seems to be loads of extra fees that no one tells you about at the start. You should ask your estate agent to tell you all about the fees you will need to pay. That way, you will know how much things are going to cost you. If it all sounds a little too expensive, look elsewhere. These days, there are loads of different estate agents out there and they are all in need of your business.

Look for an energy efficient home

Most people never bother to check whether their home is energy efficient or not. When you view a new house, though, you should ask about this issue. Sure, it might not save you any cash right away, but it will do in the long term. You can save hundreds of pounds each year if you make sure that your home is as efficient as it could be.

Wait for the right time

Sometimes, buying a house is about biding your time. You need to buy a property when the market is low so that you get the best possible deal. It’s no good buying a home when the market is booming because that means that you will pay over the odds for a standard house. Take a look at the market patterns now and choose the best time for you.

Buying a house doesn’t have to cost a fortune. My tips and advice should help you save money and still get a house you love.


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