Create The Perfect Bathroom On A Budget

bath1Bathrooms are often the last room that gets a makeover because there are other rooms that people see first, and normally become more important.

But, the bathroom, as well as the kitchen, is one of the most used rooms in the house so it needs to be practical. Creating a bathroom that is practical, long-lasting and looks good doesn’t have to be difficult though – in fact, it can be relatively inexpensive for you too, especially in the long run.

The suite is probably the most expensive aspect on any bathroom, but by doing some serious research, you can find the perfect bath, taps, basin and toilet all within your budget. There are basin’s that come with storage too, which means you can save money and space instead of buying both. Buying a cheap suite doesn’t have to look cheap, in fact, once you buy the suite and install some high quality taps, the bath will look more expensive than it originally cost.

bath2The suite is important, but the walls and flooring are also important and help add to the general feel of the bathroom. It is important that you choose a solution that lasts and look good. It also needs to be easy to clean to prevent germs and bacteria build-up, so carpet is out of the question.

Bathroom floor tiles are perfect for bathrooms because they are practical, long-lasting and easy to clean, which as mentioned, is ideal for the bathroom. Carpet can become damp quickly and wood will become damaged with a lot for water spillages. Lino is a cheap alternative to bathroom flooring but it as it is cheaper, it doesn’t last as long and can begin to rise up once it has withheld a large amount of use.

Tiling for the floors and walls is always perfect for the bathroom but it is important to remember to clean up the spillages because these can become slippery quite quickly if there is a lot of excess water from the bath or shower.

The price of tiles in the beginning may be a little more expensive than other flooring solutions but the longevity makes tiling a better return on your investment. The important thing to remember is you are buying a bathroom for the long-haul so invest in high quality products without paying over the odds for cheap suits, tiles and accessories.