Days out in England that provide true value for money!

Enjoying a day out, no matter whether you go alone, with family or a group of friends, should be about having fun, relaxing or perhaps experiencing adrenaline-inducing thrills. Whatever you choose, in these days of financial uncertainty, ensuring you receive the best possible value for money is an important consideration.


Here in the UK, there are a multitude of options to choose from, no matter what your budget. Typical examples of adventure days include quad biking, hot air ballooning and power boating. Attending sporting events such as Premier League football games, Formula One Grand Prix, horse racing, golf tournaments and test cricket games are always popular.

Other favourites that need cost next to nothing are trips to seaside resorts, country walks and exploring historic cities, castles and ancient monuments. No matter where you live, it is likely that there will be a castle or ancient battlefield nearby. Every year, the Sealed Knot Society holds re-enactments of English Civil War battles up and down the country, making for a great day out for the entire family. From a value for money viewpoint, many of these re-enactments are free, while those that do charge an admission fee are quite inexpensive.

Although not cheap, when the level of thrills per minute generated and the incredible atmosphere are taken into account, the cost of a ticket to spectate at the British Formula One Grand Prix makes it worth every penny. This is your once-a-year opportunity to experience the sound and spectacle of the best drivers in the world, competing in the most technologically advanced racing cars ever conceived, and battling for points in the World Championship.


Recent changes to the regulations have seen F1 engines transformed from relatively simple V8, normally aspirated motors, into hybrid V6 turbocharged units coupled to complex energy recovery systems. One of the key problems this change has brought is that costs have mushroomed and there are growing calls for steps to be taken before certain teams are forced out of the championship. One of the most vocal and well-respected members of the motor racing establishment calling for action is Max Mosley, the former president of the FIA, the sport’s governing body. You can learn more about the subject by visiting Grand Prix racing has always attracted celebrities from the world of sport, models, singers, actors, not to mention politicians and members of the Royal Family, so keep your eyes peeled and see how many you can spot.

If you like football, why not take a behind the scenes tour of your favourite team’s home stadium? If you have kids, they will love the opportunity to take a stroll on the pitch, visit the trophy room and dressing rooms, and perhaps enjoy a snack in one of the hospitality suites. Tours are available at stadiums such as Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, The Etihad, Anfield, The Emirates and White Hart Lane. Prices vary depending on the tour, and family tickets are available.

As with everything in life, the cost has to be balanced against the experience and the memories generated. Attending many of these events will be a one-off, so think in terms of the price of your day out being spread over an entire lifetime.