Five affordable promotional gifts


Everyone wants to be seen. Everyone wants to be heard. But more importantly, everyone wants to be talked about. Many companies set aside a large portion of their annual budget for marketing. Just before the holidays, TV channels are chock a block with products adorned in festive themes.

One of the greatest examples of holiday-themed marketing comes from Coca-Cola. One of the most recognisable brands in the world, and yet the company pours almost a quarter of their annual budget into advertising campaigns. Come Christmas time you probably can’t turn on a TV without catching the iconic slew of festively lit Coca-Cola trucks. Coca-Cola’s marketing presence is so great that our Christmas traditions are influenced by the company. Santa’s uniform was originally green, but thanks to branding Santa is red all over the world. Every time Father Christmas appears on TV, in a shopping centre or at schools, the Coca-Cola brand is getting free subliminal advertising.

The trick in marketing isn’t just waiting for people to buy your product, it’s getting people to talk about it and recommend it to their family and friends. Your job as an advertiser is to nudge people, but word of mouth is your true marketing campaign.

Marketing takes cunning, it’s not about throwing all of your company’s budget toward a top TV spot. Smart product placement will have people talking, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get the conversation going. Here are five good ol’ promotional items to get your products on the map – they’re simple, affordable and effective!

iPhone cases

We begin with iPhone cases for a number of reasons. Firstly, for the sheer number of people with iPhones. Secondly, because everyone needs a phone cover, even if it’s a backup – no one wants their new phone all scuffed up. This reason is especially important because it’s practical. Give people a product they can use and chances are it won’t end up in the bin. Thirdly, people with iPhones carry their device proudly. They’re likely to show their friends this great little practical gift – they might even like how it makes their phone look – so focus attention on the design.

Anything recycled

The environment is a hot-button topic. Get people talking about environmentally friendly advertising by setting an example. What’s good for the planet is good for business. Many things can be made from recycled plastics from USB keys (practical) to pens (useful). Give some out during expo’s and conferences and have some available for free at the reception desk.


People carry stuff. Give them something to carry their stuff in – again useful! Go a step further and make the bag desirable with a terrific design and they’ll likely use your bag to carry their stuff more than once. If you get lucky, others might even ask where they got the bag. That’ll start a conversation. Make your bag bio friendly and your game is unbeatable.


Everyone needs their morning coffee. Even people who don’t drink coffee need their morning coffee. Make sure they have a mug embedded with your brand, it might be the first thing they see every morning. Many promotional mugs end up at the office. Coffee machine chitchat is priceless advertising.

Counter mats

Hot mugs leave marks. Be sure to give people something to put their drink down on. Counter mats can be used anywhere – work, home, at the bar. And while you might not expect an after-hours establishment to be a desirable place to market, friendly banter can go a long way to promoting your brand.

Design your promotional gifts to get people talking and you’ll be well on your way to an extremely effective marketing campaign.