Doing Up the Garden, the Cheap Way

When it comes to home improvements and gardening endeavors, it can be costly. You obviously want to make sure that you home and garden look stunning. But, you don’t want to break the budget in the process. There are some inexplicably cheap ways that your garden can look fab, not drab. You can start by adding small features to your garden or creating a fun dining space.

Think about some frugal ways that you can do up your garden.

Turn Your Shed into a Haven

Your shed doesn’t have to be a boring place, filled with spiders and garden utensils. You can make sure that your shed is a fun haven for you and the family to enjoy. A lick of weather proof paint gives your shed a brand new look. You don’t have to go for varnish either. Pastel tones look great and the paint is often cheaper than varnish. Giving your shed a makeover can enhance the look of your garden tenfold. A lick of paint and some cute planters in contrasting, but complimentary shades can make your garden look fantastic. If you want to blow the budget, a little, you can even add a bar and television in there. This can be done, take a look at an outdoor TV case at The TV Shield for more information.

Make Your Garden a Retreat by Adding Furniture

We all have furniture in our garden, but are it uninspired? Creating a bit of space to relax within our gardens is fundamental. This can make it look more appealing and will certainly turn a few heads. Add Parisian style bistro furniture or rattan furniture. These not only look good, but they are indeed hardier than other kinds of furniture. What is more, with winter approaching with breakneck speed, this time of year is the best time to invest in new garden furniture. Come the summer, prices will be hiked up. So, grab a bargain and start planning your cheap garden makeover in the winter.

Adding Color and a Fun Feel With Flowers

Winter plants can add a great look to your garden. Pansies are perfect at this time of year as they can withstand a drop in temperature. You don’t have to spend out on planters. Use old bath tubs, sinks, troughs and watering cans. These are all great ways of making your home look lovely but on a budget. Check out local reclamation yards and see what you can pick up. These are fun and quirky ways of having your garden look fabulous. But, you don’t have to dig deep. In short, avoid using expensive overpriced planters. Incorporate everyday household items for a fun new twist on your garden.


A bathtub planter

Accessories Don’t Have to Cost the Earth to Look Amazing

Likewise, when it comes to accessorizing you don’t have to blow the budget. Garden accessories will be in the sales now, so it’s time to take advantage. What is more, you can make your garden hooks and topiary balls with ease. Add old jam jar filled with painted pebbles for an inexpensive way of accessorizing your garden.