Get Fit And Help The Planet In The Process

Audi e-bike WoertherseeAs the end of the year approaches and the start of a new one begins, cue all of the people saying this will be the year they get fit. Well, 2015 could in fact be the year that happens.

We all do things when they’re convenient, like getting in the car and driving to the shops or putting a ready meal in the microwave for 3 minutes, but getting fit does take effort – it doesn’t happen overnight.

Although, using a bike instead of the car for small journeys may take a few more minutes, but small steps can lead to great things. And, if you invest in an electric bike, then you can use your bicycle for longer journeys too. In fact, some can reach up to 50 miles on one single charge – which is incredible!

So, instead of struggling to ride up a number of hills, the bike can make light work of it and you can still get fit throughout the rest of the journey. You’ll feel better for it too.

Biking is much more enjoyable than walking; quicker too. And if you opt to use a bike instead of driving to work, you are creating less emissions too – which is obviously a good thing. Getting fit and helping the environment is like ‘catching two birds with one net’.

bike_1441574c[1]Gym memberships can be expensive too, but once you have paid for your electric bike, there is very little maintenance costs. A car can be expensive to repair as well, so you will not only save money on fuel but you’ll save money on expensive parts, tyres and keeping it clean.

There are a number of benefits to using your car less and using your electric bike more, beyond the costs, but this money saving can be used to buy yourself something nice. Getting fit in the process is a bonus and can be achieved a lot quicker by biking to work instead of using the car.