Honing Your Financial Management Skills While Studying

University offers you what is perhaps your best opportunity to hone your financial management skills, bringing to light the fact that your student years aren’t indeed all about your academic commitments. Yes, the most important bit of it all is that you come away with the qualification you enrolled to study for, but the best years of your life, as student life is often referred to, have so much more to offer than just hitting the books.


It’s likely the first time in your life when you’re truly at liberty to decide what to do with your time and how to manage your money, even if you might have previously gone to boarding school or something like that. Thus the perfect opportunity presents itself for you to get some good practice honing your financial management skills.

Fiscal Reconnaissance

If you have the backing of your parents financially, this applies even more so to you, that being the fact that you perhaps have some leeway with which to experiment a bit and find your feet as far as your student finances go. Unless you’re studying in your own home town, there’s no real way of knowing exactly how far each pound you spend would go right off the bat and so you’d naturally have to go through a financial adjustment period during which you do some reconnaissance. In other words, you might find yourself studying in Birmingham for instance, whereas you might have been living in Manchester all your life, in which case you’d very quickly come to the realisation that life in a city like Birmingham appears to be a bit more expensive than other cities.

As you go along and go about your business, you’ll also realise that even though a city like Birmingham appears to be generally more expensive than a lot of others, this doesn’t apply to absolutely every single aspect of life in that city. The restaurants may be expensive for instance, but you could perhaps get the same dishes at cheaper prices if you bought some street food maybe or if you bought the ingredients fresh and prepared those same dishes yourself.

Also, you might learn that the reduced bus fares made available to students can be used to perhaps go a little bit further away from the CBD to buy some essentials much cheaper, which is a realisation that puts you well on your way to implementing more of these financial management actions which will see you better managing your student finances.

Making the Right Choices

Once you have a good measure of what everything costs and just where exactly you can go to get discounts beyond your student discounts, it becomes all about instituting a series of good financial decisions. This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge and perhaps spoil yourself once in a while, but generally, practicing good financial discipline in this way will help hone your financial management skills which you can then take into your life beyond your university days. It’s just a great opportunity to practice, practice and practice until perfect.