How Do Boutique Serviced Apartments Impress Business Clients?

Plenty of people book boutique serviced apartments when they’re going on holiday, but such accommodation is also becoming popular among business travellers. There are several reasons why, including a chance to impress any business clients.

Here are just a few ways boutique serviced apartments reflect well on your business.

Prestigious Spaces

First impressions count in business, which is why you want to ensure your accommodation lives up to the image you want your business to convey. If a client turns up at a chain hotel or an unattractive block of serviced apartments and gets shown into a non-descript room, they aren’t going to be impressed. When you bring them to a boutique serviced apartment, you’ll show them into a space that contains luxury fittings and the latest high-end amenities.

Room to Spread Out

It’s perfectly possible to work from a hotel room, but it isn’t easy or convenient. Most only have one small desk at which to work. There will be room for a laptop and a few papers, but there certainly won’t be enough space to really spread out and get down to business. If you need to have a business client visit, they aren’t going to be bowled over. Far better to have them visit you in a serviced apartment with a large table at which to work.

It’s expensive to build a block of serviced apartments right in the centre of town, and it’s generally going to be downright impossible to raise one in the most fashionable areas. As such, serviced apartment blocks are usually in less trendy, more out-of-the-way parts of town. In contrast, a boutique serviced apartment will usually be converted from an older building. You’ll find them right around the coolest spots and within a stone’s throw of the best shops, restaurants, and bars. Being well-located makes you easier to reach, and clients will be impressed by your upscale position.