How E-Cigarettes Can Save You Money

For many smokers, the most appealing reason to switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, besides the health benefits, of course, is the cost. Especially, as the cost of regular cigarettes seems always to be going up and up.

With cigarette prices always on the rise, it’s no wonder they are becoming too expensive for many people to afford. As a smoker, when you think about the cost of your smoking habit (around £30 – £150 a month depending on how much you smoke), it just doesn’t seem worth it. Especially, when you factor the health concerns into it.

But how can e-cigarettes save you money?

Can e-cigarettes save you money straight away?

Although it might seem quite pricey to buy your e-cigarette starter kit, once you have got it, if taken care of properly, it should last for years. Plus, think of how much you spend on cigarettes on a weekly or monthly basis, and think of the savings this gadget will get you.

Plus, each e-cigarette cartridge costs half the price of one packet of cigarettes and should last double the time. So in the long run, investing in an e-cigarette will work out much cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. Plus, it is much better for your health.

It is also worth noting that many e-cigarette and e-liquid companies offer a money back guarantee on their e-cigarette starter packs. This is good because it allows you to give it a try and see whether using an e-cigarette is for you, without wasting a large sum of money.

What are the long-term savings of investing in an e-cigarette?

As well as saving you money in the short term, investing in an e-cigarette starter kit can also save you money in the long-run. After just a few weeks of using an e-cigarette, you should start to see the savings. Instead of having to spend money buying your weekly or monthly supply of cigarettes, all you need to do is invest in cartridges or e-liquid for your e-cigarette.

Another fantastic benefit of using an e-cigarette is that most cartridges are sold in bulk. Meaning that you can stock up for a low price with enough cartridges to last you for at least a month or so. This should prevent you from running out of cartridges at the wrong time or being caught short.

What about the health benefits?


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As well as saving you money, e-cigarettes are also much better for you. There is nothing more precious than your health. And, by swapping to e-cigarettes, you can improve your health and decrease your risk of smoking-related illnesses.

By investing in an e-cigarette and improving your general health, you reduce the risk of having high health bills in the future. Medical bills can be expensive, especially bills for cancer treatments and the treatment of other smoking related illnesses. So by investing in an e-cigarette, you are decreasing your risk of having high medical bills in the future.