How To Make Significant Savings When Moving To London

Those of you who plan to move to London in the near future for education or work commitments might be a little concerned about the amount you will have to pay. London is the most expensive city in the UK, and that is why most of the people who live there are middle or upper-class. However, there are lots of ways you can reduce the amount it costs to live in London, and so we’ve published some fantastic advice on this page. Read through it all and work out how it can be applied to your situation. At the end of the day, you just need to use your head about avoid paying over the odds for things you can get cheaply through alternative means.

Live outside of the city

Central London is so expensive that it will be impossible for you to live there if you don’t have a staggering amount of money in the bank. Luckily, the public transport system in this city is second to none. That means getting around is much easier than it would be in other places. So, there is no reason you can’t find somewhere cheap to rent just outside of the city and commute each day. While London2let and similar experts list available apartments to rent in the city, most of them also feature properties a little further out. It is possible to save around 40% on rental prices if you simply select the right borough. Wandsworth is a good choice if you haven’t a clue where you should look.

Leave your car at home

There is no point whatsoever is taking your car to London. These days, drivers who travel around the city have to pay a congestion charge that can equal as much as £15 per day. That makes using your car unfeasible. Also, there is so much traffic that you will use a lot of petrol on even the shortest of commutes. You need to learn how to use the underground system properly, and perhaps consider using taxis from time to time. Believe it or not, they often work out cheaper than driving.


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Consider shared accommodation

If your financial situation is pretty dire, you might consider opting to rent a room in shared accommodation. That would mean you don’t get a bathroom to yourself, and it would mean you have to share the kitchen and lounge. However, it could give you some time to save up for somewhere better. You just need to make sure you’re moving in with people who share the same interests. Those of you who are going to London for educational purposes should ask at your college or university. Those of you heading there to earn a living should ask your employers. There could be people who learn or work at the same places who know of suitable shared housing.

So long as you paid attention to the tips we’ve just given, you should find it much easier to keep your money in the bank when moving to London. Other great ways of making savings include buying an Oyster card and avoiding all shops within three miles of the Houses of Parliament. Establishments near to that building charge exceptionally high rates for everything.