INFOGRAPHIC – Are You Safe in Your Own Home?

Home safety is an essential issue which is often taken a bit too lightly by many homeowners, especially those who’ve never fallen victim to burglaries. Planning and implementing your home security properly goes way beyond just having the latest security systems installed making use of the latest home security gadgets such as surveillance cameras, home alarms and perhaps even having guard dogs. Proper and effective home security planning and implementation begins with the bare basics of what goes into putting your home together, such as your door handles, hinges, door closers, locks, and all the other ironmongery acting as that all-important first line of defence for your home. This is the one area in which you can’t afford to scrimp on quality and so you need to make sure to use high quality ironmongery. Once the bones of your home security system are taken care of in this way, you can do your bit to contribute to the ever-improving stats surrounding the incidences around UK home burglaries, as explored in this infographic that was put together by ironmongery and home hardware specialist, Ironmongery Direct. More importantly, you’ll have legitimate claim to really feeling safer in your own home.