Mobile Apps to Save You Money at Restaurants

Going out to lunch or dinner with friends is very pleasant, but that pleasure tends to fade away very quickly when the time comes to pay the bill. However, you can avoid massive costs when dining out by planning ahead. Today’s restaurant technology is giving you a hand in that there are many apps you can turn to for help with your planning of a cheap yet enjoyable outing. Here are some that have caused quite a revolution in the world of restaurant technology.


Launched by Groupon, this mobile app will help you to make significant money savings by enabling you to make reservations at the best restaurants in town for free. Moreover, it will get you discounts of up to 40 per cent on your meals, drinks included, which will be factored in the bill very discreetly so as to save the appearances, if the case. In other words, this mobile app pretty much offers you style at affordable prices. And it does so for free. 

Another of the very popular mobile apps that can help you save money at restaurants is Scout Mob, which acts as an ideal substitute for coupons. With this particular mobile app, you can add deals, which will guarantee you discounts of 50 per cent at those particular restaurants whose deals you have added to the app. Similarly to the Savored app, Scout Mob is also available for free. 

And then there is Black Board Eats that you can also rely on if you need help in your money saving endeavours. Not only is this mobile app designed to get you discounts at your favourite restaurants, but it will also provide a detailed review of the restaurant of your choice so that you can get an idea of the establishment and the atmosphere there. 

How to choose the best money saving mobile apps 

When it comes to choosing money saving apps, be they restaurant apps or any other kind, one thing is certain. You are spoilt for choices. As far as restaurant apps are concerned, they can help you find nice locations, make reservations, choose your dishes depending on your tastes and lifestyle or get discounts on your meals, for instance. What you are looking for is mobile apps that are easy to use, and easy to install implicitly, apps that include a large selection of restaurants for you to choose from and, ideally, apps that are free, thus saving you money that you might want to spend otherwise, like on food or drinks, for instance.

Companies excelling in the restaurant marketing and tech scene

  • Just Eat – a mobile and desktop app allowing you to place orders just in a few clicks. Tear those menus away!
  • Digital Restaurant – offering marketing technology solutions to restaurants across London
  • EPOS – electronic point of sales solutions for restaurants, bars and cafes

In the end, mobile apps such as the ones mentioned above only serve as an example of the advances made in the technological field to make your life as a consumer much easier. In other words, they serve as an introduction to the many easy ways in which you can save money with mobile apps not only in the food service industry, but in many other industries as well.