My Tips For Planning A Finance-Friendly AND Fantastic Holiday

When you hear the words budget and holiday together, you probably conjure up pictures in your mind of dodgy destinations and dingy digs. Indeed, we all have tales we like to tell of holidays gone wrong; most of which start with “I came across this really cheap hotel …”

But thanks to the world wide web and our insatiable need to find the best deal, the holiday market now caters well for people looking for an affordable and enjoyable vacation.

If you are counting your pennies this summer, here are my tips on how to plan for a fantastic and finance-friendly holiday.

Flights? Why bother?

I’m not suggesting you walk, cycle or even drive to your destination instead of flying. No, what I propose is far, far worse: staying at home! If you can bear the thought of not going abroad this year, you could save yourself the massive costs of international flights.

There are loads of incredible places to visit in the UK. Blackpool holidays, for example, are great fun. Especially if your travel companions are thrill-seeking youngsters. And, of course, they are very affordable too! A trip to the stunning locations of Cornwall, the Highlands of Scotland, the Giant’s Causeway or Portmeirion will make you feel very proud to be from this country.

Be eager or be nonchalant

But if you are set on going abroad, there are ways you can save on the cost of flights. The summer season is the busiest and priciest time to fly. However, if you get in there really early or really late, you could bag yourself a bargain. When booking late, you basically wave goodbye to any control over dates and location. So, if that doesn’t suit, I’d suggest you start looking and booking your holiday right now!

If you aren’t travelling with kids, you could also save money by booking your holiday outside of the school holidays. In early June and late September, you may be able to take advantage of reduced costs.

Go coupon crazy

Coupons are not as big in the UK as they are in America, but in terms of the holiday market, they are seriously starting to take off. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to the big daily deal sites. You’ll start receiving emails each day that include deals on holiday packages, both in the UK and abroad. The savings to be made here are big so these holidays will tick the finance-friendly box. However, do make sure to check out reviews from previous guests on accommodation before booking so that you can also tick the fantastic box.

Watch your pocket money

When you are sorting out your budget for your summer holiday, don’t forget to include your spending money when you get there. This is where most people tend to overspend. However, if you look at the going rate for food, drink etc., at your destination in advance and set aside a realistic budget, you won’t need to worry about getting into strife.


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Happy summer holidays – I hope yours is finance-friendly and fantastic!