Save Money on a Garden Renovation with These Easy Tips

It’s great when you have a garden space to make use of. You can send the children out to play, let your pets run around and use it for entertaining. But when you move into a new home or you’ve been living somewhere for a while, you can take a look at the garden and realise that it’s not up to standard. At the very least, you need a well-kept lawn, and perhaps a patio and some flowering borders. If your garden needs a redesign, there’s no need for it to cost a lot of money. You can change it around and make it better looking and more functional while keeping to a small budget.

Create a Low Maintenance Garden

When you create your new garden, you want it to cost you as little as possible in the long run. You should make a low maintenance garden so that you spend as little as possible on keeping everything alive and looking beautiful. Think about how you will use your garden before you do anything, so you know that nothing will be ruined by kids or dogs running around. It’s also a good idea to pick plants that don’t need a lot of watering, so you can save money on your water bill. Don’t forget to think about other elements too. For example, you don’t want to have to pay for expensive treatments for your patio or garden furniture.


Karen Kiels

Choose Quality Materials

When you buy your materials for a deck, patio or another garden feature, make sure you go for quality. It’s possible to find items that are good value but won’t fall apart in a few months. You won’t save money if you regularly need to replace and repair parts of your garden. For example, if you invest in reproduction York stone paving, you know that you’ll have a patio that will last for a long time. But you still save money when you compare the material to the real thing.

Pick Your Plants Carefully

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on your plants if you want to create a beautiful landscape. There are plenty of flowers, trees and bushes you can get at great value that will still make your garden look lush and colourful. Choose ones that don’t need a lot of water, aren’t prone to disease and are resilient in different weather types so that you know you have hardy plants. Remember that it will be more expensive to fill your garden will fully-grown plants. If you want to save money, start planting everything from saplings and young plants, or even start from scratch with seeds and bulbs. Your garden will soon begin to fill out when it’s time for everything to start growing.

If you’re not sure where to start, you could use a landscaper. Hiring someone to landscape the garden is an extra cost, but it could help you save in the long-run. They can tell you the best way to keep your garden low-maintenance and on budget.