Surprising Storage Saving (and money making) Tips

Storage in its various guises is often overlooked as a way to either save or make money, but is something most of us could use to better advantage. Whether you’re looking for new solutions or making use of what’s already there, getting creative with storage can bring surprisingly profitable results.

Increasing Disposable Income

You could have an untapped seam of wealth right under your own roof if you have a spare room that’s currently underused. Most major cities have universities these days, and those students all need somewhere to live. Have you considered renting out your spare room?

By packing away personal items, you could quickly create an environment that would provide ideal student accommodation.

If you don’t mind your own furniture being used, leave it in place and simply pack away trinkets or sentimental items. These could be stored in the loft and not cause any inconvenience.


Alternatively, you might decide to create a more student-friendly room by providing a desk, in which case you may have existing furniture to move to make room. Storage facilities are cheap and easily accessible, with short term rentals and notice periods so you’re not locked in. The cost is more than covered by the rent you’d charge, so you‘d still make a profit.

When You’re Moving House

The logistics of organising a house move are far from simple, especially if you’re moving to a different town.

Get clever with storage early in the moving cycle by packing up your least used items.

This strategy not only helps with the actual move, but during the selling stage too. We’re told to get rid of clutter so buyers can see their own possessions in situ, but it’s not easy to remove personal items from one space without creating clutter in another.

You could store boxes in your own home, with a helpful friend, or even in a self storage unit in the town you’re moving to, so you’re effectively moving in stages. Storing boxes somewhere outside the house is actually the best solution as buyers tend to want to look everywhere and may be put off if they can’t see into all the corners. Making the place more attractive to buyers may well mean a faster sale or a achieving a higher price.

Storage When Starting a Home Business

In 2014, the Office for National Statistics reported that 15% of the UK population were working for themselves. Regardless of their business model, all need space for office activities, documentation, and uninterrupted concentration.


A home office is the convenient answer, but many struggle because small modern homes don’t have much wiggle room for setting aside dedicated areas. Being clever with storage offers the best of both worlds.

Ideas include:

  • Using bookcases as room dividers to section off an area in a communal room
  • Using hideaway furniture such as a desk and computer station for hidden work areas in the bedroom
  • Using moveable, small footprint workstations to create flexible workspaces
  • Choosing furniture, such as corner desk units, that maximise awkward areas that are otherwise wasted

Getting your working space organised lets you get straight down to business with more time for profit-making activities instead of wasting time battling with your environment.

Storage is usually something that happens in the background. We don’t often get proactive about it or consider how more effective use could transform our lives and living spaces. As something that’s always evolving, however, rethinking storage methods can improve cash flow, time use, and living conditions across the board.