Top Ways to Make Money from Home

Of all the different and often conflicting content you’ll have undoubtedly read about making money from home, all of them probably point right back to the internet as the best starting point. While many of these articles may indeed point you in the right direction every now and then, the fact that you’re reading this particular one means that you’re still searching for something you can honestly and truly say works and works well for you.

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In my exploration of the top ways to make money online, I have classified five of the top ways to make money from home (and online by extension) into two important categories from which I truly believe you’ll get a good understanding of what can really work for you, your working style and your character.

Online Service Provider Level

Becoming an online service provider can take many forms, one of which is putting to good use some skills you could quite easily learn online, by simply studying the many free tutorials available. There are some full and free online language courses that can help you learn a new language for instance, but if you already speak more than one language, a site like allows you to earn money from home doing translations.

Other skills which you can learn and hone online take the form of freelance writing, graphics design and any job or project which you can basically complete at home and deliver electronically, like via email or through cloud storage and sharing platforms like Dropbox. A great platform to source an unbelievable range of freelance gigs such as these and others is indeed, which was previously operating under the name of, prior to their merger with

Online Content Consumer Level

Now moving over to the consumer level, you can make money online from home without “working” in the traditional sense, in the way a service provider would. You can earn money from home by essentially playing online — yes, you can get consistent and good monetary reward for effectively enjoying yourself online.

If you love playing video games of all sorts, a site like will connect you with video game developers looking for people like you to test their games through playing them, while you get paid for reporting on things like bugs, playability, how much you enjoyed playing them or whether or not you’d actually pay for those games.

You can take your love for online gaming to the next level however and make money from home playing games that are both fun and offer you a consistent chance of earning money online. I’m talking about those games you’ll find on online casino platforms like Many of the games available can be mastered via your development of a good strategy, part of which is to manipulate the odds of winning in your favour. This is when making money online from home becomes less of a boring chore and more of a fun experience, with some really tangible potential for consistent earnings.