UiPath’s IPO. What is so special about this tech firm?

Star Wars may have created an unrealistic image of robots (but, honestly, who cares?). Technology has also changed a lot since the first movie premiered in 1977. But a few decades later, the Star Wars-like robotic solutions do not seem to be so far away. Just a few years back, Saudi Arabia made the robot named Sophia a legal citizen. As some skeptics claim that this was more of a publicity stunt (exaggerating Sophia’s real capabilities a lot), according to some we may be closer and closer to the times when everyone will have their own Sophia.

Let’s go to Romania for a while now. Why? The country joined the European Union in 2007, but even before that, few of the developers met in the capital of the country, Bucharest. Their next step was to start outsourcing software and automation libraries to other companies.

Fourteen years have passed, and here we are, with UiPath listing on the Stock Exchange in New York. Daniel Dines, the firm’s co-founder and CEO gave CNBC an interview, where he claimed that the new capital will help them strive and continue the vision of working in order to “accelerate human achievement”.

You may wonder: “but what is their mission, actually, and why did you write anything about Star Wars robots?”. Let’s clear this up. In 2017, they introduced the project (or an idea), according to which, everyone will have their own personal robot in the future. This could low-key be the follow-up to Bill Gates’ and Paul Allen’s motto of bringing a “computer to every desk”. If they succeeded, why shouldn’t we trust Dines?

The UiPath’s cooperations

On the long list of UiPath’s clients you can find Google, which has invested heavily into its cloud services, as well as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The firms are currently fusing their RPA with advanced AI.

Google Cloud Platform has another technical alliances with Blue Prism, and so does Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Amazon Web Services. Further companies are joining the sector too. Laiye has claimed recently that they own more market-share in China than UiPath.

For a lot of people, the true pioneer of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is Blue Prism. The United Kingdom Headquartered enterprise has been joined by AA (Automation Anywhere), as well as UiPath, who are undeniable leaders in the space of RPA. All these three companies have already  allied with big providers of cloud services.

Automation Anywhere has been recently awarded with award for 2021 Cloud Computing Product. Their solutions are based on modernized technologies by Java (Blue Prism is using C#). UiPath is based on SharePoint, Elasticsearch and Kibana. The tools are more or less similar, and the main difference between them is usually their reach (in terms of geography). Automation Anywhere will be stronger in the United States, whereas UiPath and Blue Prism will work better on European markets.

This branch grows as much as 60% per year, meaning it is one of the fastest-developing area of software enterprise. With this success, a lot of the companies are willing to cooperate with RPA leaders. Just to mention, they partnered with PwC, Deloitte, WNS, HP, Capgemini, EY, and many others. These companies provide services to banks from all around the globe. In this manner, the RPA has reached the point where they are employed to provide financial services.

Blue Prism cooperates with the biggest banks and fintechs: Barclays, PayPal, Lloyds, HSBC, Credit Suisse or BNY Mellon for instance. UiPath has started working with some smaller banks, while Automation Anywhere partnered with Santander and is invested in the MSPs (and so is UiPath). This big of a project would be nothing without investors.

To get to know the full story, brilliantly described by Andy Samu for Disruption Banking, visit his piece, where he gives comprehensive analysis of RPA market, tries to predict the future of it, and gives his verdict on why UiPath is so unique. He’s also revealing the investors behind the RPA projects. To access this article, simply use the link: https://disruptionbanking.com/2021/04/23/another-tech-firm-ipo-but-is-uipath-just-another-tech-firm/.