Understanding Recruitment Agencies How They Benefit Your Business

Hiring a new employee is an arduous and yet all-too-vital process. It fills most business owners with dread. It means you’ll have to spend hours sorting through resumes and interviewing candidates. As an executive, do you have the time to sort through possibly hundreds of applications for a job?

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This time has been taken away from other pressing matters that are needed to keep your business functioning and growing. You also need to find the perfect person for the job, otherwise you’ll negatively impact your business. This is why recruitment agencies exist. In fact, they’ve been around for over a decade. According to Business2Community, a UK National Online Recruitment Survey found that 75% of people had already been submitting job applications online as far back as 2004. This makes the role of this recruitment agencies even more pronounced in the modern day. You can read more about the findings at the article in The Independant Newspaper.

How Recruitment Agencies Work

They basically identify and provide skilled workers that meet your staffing needs. An agency can source for both your contingent and permanent workforce. It can be your full-service staffing partner for every part of the hiring process.

An experienced recruiting agency has a substantial and growing talent pool at its disposal. Based on a job description, they search for suitable candidates through numerous methods, from print and broadcast advertising, job fairs, organization partnerships and referrals to online job postings, social media sites and job boards. After candidates have been identified, an initial interview and skills assessment is carried out. Its aim is to understand the specific capabilities, experience and career interests of the individuals. The agency also ensures that the candidate is compliant with any of the relevant national, county and district regulations or labour laws. After the candidates have been assessed and are ready for employment, the agency then works with the employers to find the best match for the job. The agency may then oversee the placement and on-boarding process, depending on the partnership with the client.

Advantages Of Using Recruitment Agencies For Your Business

  1. Efficiency

This is the biggest advantage they have to offer. When you post a job opening, chances are you’ll be drowning in resumes and applications. A significant number of them will not be qualified for the job Sourcing, vetting and interviewing individuals is a time-consuming and expensive procedure. The screening process involves running background checks on potential employees, following up with references, and also conducting preliminary interviews to make sure the candidate matches the promises they make on their resumes. The agency does all this for you. Even national bodies acknowledge the value of using recruitment agencies. For instance, The Central Bank of Ireland spent €1.1m in 2015 to recruit outside staff. Of the €1.1m, €660,000, or 60%, was used for agency placement fees, where recruitment agencies were tasked with sourcing and placing candidates for specialist roles.

In order to save on time and resources, you are better off focussing on your business and outsourcing the job to an experienced recruiting agency with a reliable record of successful placements. There are even awards that acknowledge exemplary agencies. For instance, Sphere Digital Recruitment won the ‘The Best Recruitment Company” in 2015 at the APSCo’s Awards for Excellence.

  1. Finding the perfect match for your job

The recruiting agency will bring you candidates, not applicants. These individuals will have met all the criteria and demands that you have set. It’s one of the surest way to access a pool of skilled workers, especially when it comes to digital media jobs. For instance, Sphere Recruitment agency covers a wide market, from agency sales, ad operations and client direct in the media to the creative segments involving UX and UI design, project management, and flash design and development.

According to AsiaOne Business, “A tech organisation prefers to focus their resources in building their business and products, hence, engaging the right recruiter will reduce their wastage on unsuccessful hires which could be detrimental for a start-up”. In addition, recruiting agencies can notice red flags in job applicants even among the qualified persons. Sometimes business owners miss them during the hiring process, or tend to ignore them in the hop that they’ll resolve themselves. With the vast experience that the agencies have, they’ll sift through the candidates and ring you those that are better worth your investment.

  1. Extended reach to better talent

There are candidates who are hard to find. Some are passive, and others are selective. A recruitment agency knows who they are, and how to reach them. This includes talent that is currently employed elsewhere. Some qualified individuals usually work discreetly with the agencies when they are looking for new challenges and opportunities.

  1. It builds your business brand

The right agency will give your potential employees an in-depth insight into your business- from the working conditions, the benefits and how they can bolster their careers. This goes a long way in developing and marketing your brand as a suitable employer.

Recruitment is a highly competitive industry and that is why it is imperative to the success of any recruitment business to play to your strengths. This means with an agency who can take over the responsibility of managing those multiple back office roles at a consistently high standard. This will leave you confident with your final hiring decision.

  1. Sourcing Talent For Unique Programs or Projects

The agencies can carry out project sourcing, where a company seeks candidates to work on temporary projects with different clients. This gives you optimum flexibility for when you’re quick need of specialized knowledge. Businesses can also use agencies for specialised recruitment programs, or to implement affirmative action when building the workforce. For instance, the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is currently searching for small businesses that can help federal agencies to recruit eligible disabled individuals for government job opportunities. In its FedBizOpps solicitation posted on 15th June 2016, the OPM said it plans to award a potential 3-year blanket purchase agreement for support services to the agency’s Disability Recruitment Initiative.

  1. You’ll know how the market works

The best recruitment agencies are well versed with the changing UK recruitment market trends. They work for the benefit of both the client that hire them, and the qualified candidates looking to advance their careers. Sphere’s vision is to achieve great results for its people and customers by having meaningful and engaging experiences with them that enhance their growth and provide results. They’ll help your marketing tam to remain up to date with what is happening- from where and how to reach available talent, the prevailing salary rates to the careers expectations and skill-sets that are available.