Various Forms of Financing Enable Lifestyle Choices

People finance their lives in various ways. Income earned on the job provides the cornerstone of personal finance, but cash on hand is not the only way to make purchases.

Loans and other forms of credit help stretch your buying power and enable you to make grand buys you’d not otherwise afford. The most dramatic example for most people is the mortgage held on personal residential property. Residential mortgages and other long-term borrowing commitments assist families making important investments, so the value of financing cannot be understated. To impress lenders, however, you’ll generally need to illustrate a strong credit history and bring firm financial footing to the table.


Fortunately, there are also options available for those with imperfect credit.
To cash-in on myriad forms of financing, start by building your credit rating; and then protect it. In time, you’ll gain access to money for cars, homes, education and other features of a successful life. As you establish yourself financially, use alternative forms of lending to help build your reputation. No credit-check loans and guarantor options, for example, can help bridge the affordability gap for applicants with steady jobs or credit-worthy cosigners.

Various Forms of Funding Serve Consumer Needs

The lending industry is designed to provide for real-life funding needs. As a result, several distinct types of loans are available for consumers needing financing. The best loan for your next purchase depends upon what you’re buying and how much money you need. Your credit rating, personal income and outstanding debts are additional considerations that will impact the terms and conditions of each loan.


Mortgages – Loans used to buy property are among the largest people take – in terms of their overall value. To secure mortgage financing, home buyers are required to make cash deposits representing a substantial share of a property’s real value. The remainder of the purchase is funded using a mortgage, which can be structured for various payback periods. The stronger your credit rating and the more sizable your deposit, the better terms you will receive on your home mortgage. Because they are backed by the value of your property, mortgages fall into a class known as “secured” loans.

Guarantor Loans – Unsecured funding is harder for some applicants to lock down, because there is no specific collateral attached to the loans. Instead of the security of tangible assets, lenders offering unsecured funds carry greater risk, often relying on income and credit history to guarantee loans. For some loan-seekers, adding the strength of a co-applicant is enough to satisfy lenders’ requirements. Guarantor loans furnish opportunities for friends and family members to assist credit applicants they trust, by lending strength of credit to their loan applications.


No Credit-Check Loans – Another form of unsecured lending uses your paycheck as collateral for a short term loan. Payday loans are favored for the fast access to cash they provide and for the simplicity of the application process. As long as you have proof of employment, with a paycheck on the way, most payday professionals are willing to do business furnishing short-term funding. Contracts vary, but expect stiff penalties if you fail to make good on repayment, as agreed.

Personal Loans – Car-buyers and others needing funding often find suitable personal lending options on the market. With a good credit score, you may be able to land low rates on a standard personal loan. The flexible form of funding furnishes resources for cars, but the money is also well-suited for loan consolidation, education costs, home improvements, and countless other financial needs.

Regardless of which type of loan you choose, a positive credit history will help land the best terms. With a solid track record of successful credit interactions, you’ll have no problem landing conventional loans – provided your income is sufficient to cover monthly costs. But even with an inconsistent or limited history, you’re not sidelined from borrowing. Instead, use a guarantor or payday loan to secure the funds you need – often without a formal credit check.