What Our Favourite Colours Reveal about Our Personalities

Blue is a great colour with which to do up one’s living environment, even if I have to vouch for it since it is indeed my personal favourite. Some people find it rather difficult to work with when they have to do up an interior with the many shades of blue available, but even if I’m looking for some new bedding to refresh the bedrooms with, I get naturally drawn to some of the many great designs which come in many shades of blue at Julian Charles. There’s a whole lot more to the colours we’re drawn to though – it goes much deeper than just having a favourite colour you like.

All our lives we instinctively have our brains developing so that they can separate what they process through the eyes and other senses into what is important for survival and what is less important, and all of this goes on without us even having to consciously think about it. You don’t second-guess yourself for a few minutes before instinctively getting up to go and make yourself some food when you’re hungry, for example, but it goes a lot further than those basic actions.

Have you ever perhaps watched a television show and you deeply admired the decor, perhaps with specific regards to the colours used and how they were used? It’s no coincidence at all, and the fact that your closest friend perhaps with whom you would have a lot in common might not even see things in the same way suggests that there is indeed a lot more depth to the reasons you’re drawn to a specific colour, or a specific set of colours.

You see colours represent our personalities in many ways, something which the psychology field demonstrates the best use of in dealing with patients.

However, sometimes we would all be well-advised to take our time in making some decor choices with colour in mind that are more permanent, such as deciding on the colour with which to paint your living room walls and others. This is because sometimes the colours we’d want to go with don’t necessarily fully represent the personality itself, but are representative of how you feel in the moment. That’s the reason why at times you would identify a certain colour you think would be nice to perhaps paint the walls with, but the next morning when you wake up in a different mood you start questioning your sanity with regards to your initial choices.

Personally, I really like the various shades of the colour blue for my home environment, simply because this is my sanctuary – the place I come back to so as to recharge my batteries, kick-back and relax. This is where my soul gets refilled and to be honest I’ve long since caught wind of what the colour blue represents by way of personalities. So I can confirm that they have it spot-on with their analysis as part of the #COLOURYOURPERSONALITY trend when they associate the blue hues with someone who is calm by default.

What colours capture YOUR imagination? In the same way that I don’t quite get how people make it work with colours like grey, I just find a way to make it work, but you can read up about it for yourself as to exactly which personality types are represented by which colours in this e-book: https://www.juliancharles.co.uk/client/assets/eBook/Julian-Charles-ebook-08-18.pdf