Why Heating Costs Should Always Be On Your Mind

OK, so summer’s almost here. Or at least it seemed to be last week before the rain started tumbling down. Perhaps it isn’t quite time to shut down the heating after all. But, in fact, the late spring and early summer is a great time to be thinking about heating costs. More importantly, though, it’s about how you can cut down on them. Despite the upcoming warmer months, I’d like to focus on why you should always be keeping your eye out on where you can save a bit of cash.


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Hot water makes up around 10% of the average person’s heating bill. And when it gets hot, nothing beats a nice shower to freshen up, right? The trouble is; this can waste money as much as it drains water. Try to have cooler – or even cold – showers. In fact, you will be doing your body a favour, too. Cool showers help you increase your alertness and can improve your circulation. So not only will you be feeling better financially, you will be feeling better in yourself.


If you have been with the same energy supplier for a while, check when your contract is up. If that date arrives in the summer months, then it could be time to switch. It’s so simple to do, yet so few people do it. Plus, if you can make the switch during the summer, your bills will be lower. So, when it comes to the supplier deciding on how much you use, you will pay less. People who start a new contract in the dead of winter end up paying way too much, and it can be a pain to get this figure down to its right level. Make your new energy supplier work harder for their money by switching in the summer.

Heating Oil

What is heating oil? Well, for one thing it is expensive to use! On a serious note, heating oil is kept in a tank outside older homes and is used for heating them, as opposed to the central heating that is used in modern dwellings. If you have a tank, you are probably aware of the vast costs it takes to fill them each autumn, which can run into the thousands. You could spread the costs with direct debit payments, but you will get a better deal by watching out for the oil prices and buying in bulk when the price is right. It’s always a bit of a gamble, but having your money ready to go at any point will save you in the long term.

Plugging Gaps

Spring and summer are also great for finding those areas of the home that leak heat. A great time to do it is when you do your spring cleaning, and you get up close and personal with all the nooks and crannies that are in your house. Feel for drafts coming through any gaps in the doors, windows and floors. Fix them with a suitable filler, or have them looked at by a professional. Our homes waste so much heat through the winter, and it is simply a needless waste of money. It could also be the time to check all your draft excluders are up to scratch, and invest in new ones if not. No matter how hot it is outside, you should always be aware that winter is coming.

I hope you’ve found this helpful! Share away if you have any tips to add!